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Friday, July 15, 2022

Your Trusted Travel Service PT. Galang Bahari Indonesia Call/WA : 0812-6711-1161

Jalan ke Barelang, Ingat Galang Bahari  

(Travel to Barelang, Remember Galang Bahari)

Galang Bahari is a company engaged in travel and shelter under PT. Galang Bahari Indonesia.
We are a recommendation of an experienced and trusted travel service provider in Batam, especially in developing marine tourism.
Focusing on snorkeling tours on Abang island, Galang Bahari is now also starting to provide other tour packages for the Riau Islands and neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia.

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About PT. Galang Bahari Indonesia

Each region has its own tourist advantage that is used as an attraction to invite tourists to visit. Likewise with the city of Batam, one of the small islands which is a destination for investors and tourists. Batam is located in the Riau Islands province, currently growing rapidly with a very good rate of economic growth.
Batam is a city that is developing quite rapidly now, both in terms of its geographical, sociological, economic and technological dimensions. With a very strategic location, which is located in the waters of the Malacca Strait and its proximity to one of the world's business centers and global transportation nodes, Singapore, which will certainly open up easier mobility spaces, not only for goods, money and people, but also information mobility, culture and ideology whose impact of penetration can be far more detrimental or disruptive to the stability of society and development in the region.
Currently, Batam is not only used as an industrial center and MICE, the last 5 years Batam has begun to expose the benefits of marine tourism with several spots that are superior to tourists. Galang Bahari as one of the leading Travel & Tour in Batam took part in developing the world of tourism in Batam, with the favorite spot of Abang Island which is already famous for its underwater beauty and a very strategic location, making Galang Bahari encouraged to develop the underwater tourism of Abang Island and around it.
Galang Bahari Team is also a native son of Abang Island. Thus, Galang Bahari in its daily operations always invites local people to join, both as guides, divers and culinary specialists in Malay, Batam.
Excerpted from Wikipedia: Batam city is the largest city in the Riau Islands province, Indonesia. Batam City Region consists of Batam Island, Rempang Island and Galang Island and other small islands in the Singapore Strait and Malacca Strait regions. Batam Island, Rempang, and Galang are connected by the Barelang Bridge. According to the Batam City Population and Civil Registry Service as of 2015, the population of Batam reached 1,030,529 people.
In 2010, Batam City held a year of tourist visits titled Visit Batam 2010 - Experience it. Supported by international standard hotel and resort facilities and various tourism activities arranged in the Batam City Tourism Activity Calendar, it is expected to guarantee the comfort and satisfaction of domestic and foreign tourists when visiting Batam City.
Abang Island is a marine tourism site that is being developed by the Batam city government and will be one of the attractions of the Visit Batam 2010 program. Besides its beautiful beaches with coral reefs and various types of colorful ornamental fish and which are considered equivalent to the Bunaken beach in Indonesia in the western part, the sea area around Abang Island and Petung Island is visited by many fishing enthusiasts. The types of fish obtained include fish, selar, lencing, red sand, red snapper, areca nut, puffer fish, and others.

Vision and mission

Vision of Galang Bahari

"Providing the best service and educating tourists by knowing, maintaining and feeling the beauty of the preservation of underwater and terrestrial biota in Abang Island, and surrounding areas"

Galang Bahari Mission

1. Become an ideal partner for tourists visiting Abang Island
2. Providing professional services with certified guides in the world of diving and snorkeling
3. Opening jobs, especially friends who are on the island
4. Offering the best price according to the service for Abang Island tour packages
5. Become a superior Travel Bureau in Abang Island in particular and in Batam in general.

Galang Bahari Integrated Tourism Programs and Services

01. Snorkeling
02. Diving
03. Camping & Mangrove
04. Outbound
05. Company Gathering
06. Nguan Island Tour
07. Mangrove Tourism
08. Beach Tourism
09. Fishing
10. Lodging

Featured Galang Bahari Tourism Spot

1. Rano Beach in Abang Island Region
2. Ghost Island in the Abang Island Region
3. Mangrove area (Mangrove Forest) on Abang Island
4. Dedap Island
5. Kepri Coral in Abang Island Region

Tourist Spot in Riau Islands

1. Bintan Tour
2. Lingga Tour
3. Anambas Tour
4. Natuna Tour
5. Karimun Tour
6. Batam City Tour

Overseas travel

1. Singapore
2. Malaysia
3. Please consult with us, for the travel needs of the ladies and gentlemen.

Excellence Abang Island Tour Packages

1. Affordable Prices. Galang Bahari offers the best prices to local, domestic and foreign tourists with a professional team
2. Vacation chargers. Galang Bahari tour packages can be enjoyed with traditional Malay concepts and atmosphere, both from traditional Malay cuisine and the atmosphere of local villages

Community Service

Galang Bahari also participates in community services and the local marine ecosystem:
1. Invite the local community to jointly preserve the surrounding environment, both beaches, coral reefs and local villages, one of them with beach cleaning
2. Creating a public library to encourage local people to enjoy reading in order to improve the quality of local human resources

Contact Us

Galang Bahari Team is a native of Abang Island who is very familiar with Abang Island and its surroundings. Here are some of Galang Bahari's contacts.

Office address: Taman Cipta Asri Blok F No 108, Batu aji, Batam, Batam, Indonesia, 29442

1. Text / WA: +62 812-6711-1161
2. Line ID: wisatapulauabang
3. Email:
4. Office operating hours:
Day: Monday - Friday
Open: 10:00 WIB
Closed: 6:00 PM WIB
5. Or in accordance with an agreement previously agreed

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